takes a deep breath



Today I sold a book to a customer, describing it as a Fascinating, Intellectually Exhausting Yet Exhilarating Journey Of A Young Man’s Descent Into Madness As Around Him The Bonds He Makes With Other Humans Grow More And More Twisted And Broken.

Am I describing The Secret History or Eva.


the smallest smile you can possibly imagine


i’m having a lovely week


helo baby


Friend codes??? Friend codes. My friend codes is 5386-8641-4270! Anyone who wants can drop theirs in here uwu


SO! As others have done before me, I’m turning Pokemon Y into a shameless excuse to roleplay my longtime friend and mentor Jeff Gaiden! I’ll be posting in-character travel logs (probably infrequently, I’ll be honest) on http://jeffgaidenvskalos.tumblr.com/, or in #samurai adventures in kalos! First one’s up already, but I’m out of battery and because I’m a fucking idiot won’t have a charger until tomorrow! (audience laughter)

So yeah, that’s… Not cool. I’ll go now.



god i’m tired

i mean i’m not tired i’m just



i do not know how i feel right now

many thoughts

much to consider

it is times like this that i thank lightning jesus for tea and highly calorific foodstuffs



it occurred to me while drawing this that the way i draw jeff gaiden is essentially just dirk strider 

this isnt good enough for the amy doodles tag or the mta tag so i’ll just tag tabi and ben LAUGHS

awful triumverate

Source: suzakukururugi

goodnight sweet prince

may a chorus of angels sing thee to thy rest


"The name of the game," he says, "is Don’t Get A Nosebleed."
"How do you play?" she asks.
He shifts on the bench and scratches a rune into the wood. A nearby pedestrian suddenly loses his footing and pitches into the mall’s fountain. Jeff raises an eyebrow. Nita smiles.
It takes less than twenty minutes to declare a winner. Nita chains nine vomiting moviegoers and mall cleaning staff are hurriedly putting up wet floor signs all over the building to mitigate potential lawsuits from concussed patrons. The tie breaks when Jeff’s attempt to mildly electrocute a girl in Radioshack explodes three TVs and sets the carpet on fire.
His cries of “my nose is fine” fall flat when his hair starts smoking ominously, and do nothing to bring back the smoking wreck of Las vegas Mall.


So i was looking for Jeff’s avatar.

I found it.

Fancy that.

(i wonder if it’s actually that big. what’s five dots. fuck i dunno)


who wants to go on a Node-hunt on wednesday?

bring a dowsing rod


also nathan